Russian Empire (1721–1917) "The Prayer of Russians" (1816—1833) Download

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  • 10 de dez. de 2018

  • "The Prayer of Russians" (Russian: Молитва русских, Molitva russkikh) was a song used as the national anthem of Imperial Russia from 1816 to 1833. After defeating the First French Empire, Tsar Alexander I of Russia recommended a national anthem for Russia. The lyrics were written by Vasily Zhukovsky, and the music of the British anthem "God Save the King" was used. In 1833, "The Prayer of Russians" was replaced with "God Save the Tsar" (Bozhe, tsarya khrani). The two songs both start with the same words Bozhe, tsarya khrani but differ after that. Some consider God Save the Tsar Russia's first true national anthem, as both its words and music were Russian. Others say the title belongs to Grom pobedy, razdavaysya!, another popular song of the time, although it never had official status.


  • Evilherojain
    Evilherojain 1 ano atrás

    British people complaining people stole their anthem even though it was originally French.

  • VincentDawg
    VincentDawg 1 ano atrás

    The Russian eagle is asleep and the people are afraid to wake it. God save the Tsar

  • servant of soros
    servant of soros 1 ano atrás

    Who mixed tea with vodka?

  • Karl I von Habsburg-Lothringen

    3 Bolsheviks dislike this song

  • Raspootin
    Raspootin 1 ano atrás

    Why did my hammer and sickle disappear

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte
    Napoleon I Bonaparte 1 ano atrás

    One day my friends... one day...

  • G. N
    G. N 1 ano atrás

    God save the Tsar!

  • Николай Голицын-Васильев

    Боже, Царя храни!

  • RJ Joson
    RJ Joson 8 meses atrás

    The original: Grand dieu sauve le roi

  • darkvince161
    darkvince161 1 ano atrás

    Glory for the French king, German kaiser and Russian tsar. Europe of crowns.

  • Пётр Романов

    Боже, Царя храни!

  • SaphireRBLXGaming
    SaphireRBLXGaming 4 meses atrás

    My friend: try to guess which anthem I'm humming

  • Pixel tsar
    Pixel tsar 1 ano atrás (editado)

    yes good job baron

  • Connor Pope
    Connor Pope 1 ano atrás

    When you put a little vodka in with your tea

  • M.Fadhilah Renda
    M.Fadhilah Renda 1 ano atrás

    Long live Российская Империя

  • Arsène Aupetit
    Arsène Aupetit 1 ano atrás

    Боже царя храни 🇷🇺

  • Yeetsmarck
    Yeetsmarck 1 ano atrás

    Heil im dir seigerkranz = Prayer of the Russians

  • JD123
    JD123 7 meses atrás

    God bless mother Russia!! This song stirs my heart!! I love Russia!!!🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • TheAnimeNewb YT
    TheAnimeNewb YT 1 ano atrás (editado)

    God Save The Queen Tunes

  • SigurdTheGreat
    SigurdTheGreat 1 ano atrás

    Someone should use this as their anthem...