Portuguese Macau (1557–1999) Anthem "Hino da Carta" (1887–1911) Download

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  • 1 de jan. de 2020

  • Discord server: https://discord.gg/2FZmm5g Portuguese Macau covers Macau's history from the establishment of a Portuguese settlement in 1557 to the end of colonial rule in 1999. Macau was both the first and last European holding in China. The Hymno da Carta (English: Hymn of the Charter, modern Portuguese spelling: Hino da Carta) was officially proclaimed the national anthem of the Kingdom of Portugal in May 1834. It was composed by D. Pedro IV, King Pedro IV of Portugal (also Emperor Pedro I of Brazil). "Carta" stands for the Constitutional Charter which Peter IV granted to Portugal. The anthem remained officially in place until 19 July 1911, one year after Portugal became a republic, and was replaced by A Portuguesa.