Kingdom of Saxony (1806–1918) "Gott segne Sachsenland" (1815) Download

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  • 11 de set. de 2019

  • The Kingdom of Saxony (German: Königreich Sachsen), lasting between 1806 and 1918, was an independent member of a number of historical confederacies in Napoleonic through post-Napoleonic Germany. The kingdom was formed from the Electorate of Saxony. From 1871 it was part of the German Empire. It became a free state in the era of Weimar Republic in 1918 after the end of World War I and the abdication of King Frederick Augustus III of Saxony. Its capital was the city of Dresden, and its modern successor state is the Free State of Saxony.


  • Szymon Koruba
    Szymon Koruba 1 ano atrás

    "Song in German? What a *azi propaganda!" ~ YT management

  • Stresemannite
    Stresemannite 1 ano atrás

    Being elected king of Poland intensifies

  • Arthur
    Arthur 1 ano atrás

    Painting is View of Dresden by Moonlight - Johan Christian Dahl

  • Nirad802
    Nirad802 1 ano atrás (editado)

    Every single German song older than 70 years:

  • Slender Man
    Slender Man 1 ano atrás

    Dr. Ludwig’s channel has been taken down by YouTube. I’m glad you’re still around. Hopefully YouTube doesn’t take you down too!

  • Odoevsky Duke
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    Very Nice background

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    Thank you Norwegian Baron for uploading a new video of Kingdom of Saxony. Greetings from the United States 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍🙏🙏

  • Kosovo is Albania
    Kosovo is Albania 1 ano atrás

    Gott segne Sachsenland,wo fest die Treue standin Sturm und Nacht!Ew’ge Gerechtigkeit,hoch überm Meer der Zeit,die jedem Sturm gebeut,schütz uns mit Macht!

  • IssamSSJ
    IssamSSJ 1 ano atrás (editado)

    God save the Queeeeeen...

  • Thomas Kidd
    Thomas Kidd 11 meses atrás

    this gotta be the most reused melody ever

  • Steven Moore
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    Heil dir im sigerkranz! Sachsische version!

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    Боже Царя Храни !! 🔥🤣🤣

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    Kingdoms > Republics

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  • William B
    William B 1 ano atrás

    Great song and sound quality. Lykke til med kongens garde!

  • Stig Prøyser
    Stig Prøyser 10 meses atrás

    I spit on those who chossed it was a good idea to fight 2 world wars

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    So Beautiful :D

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    Sounds a bit