"It's A Long Way To Tipperary" - British Army Song Download

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  • 17 de jun. de 2019

  • A British army song that became popular during ww1


  • Arbor
    Arbor 11 meses atrás

    Bro, this song is catchier than the spanish flu.

  • Nicholas II of Russia
    Nicholas II of Russia 10 meses atrás

    "All the streets were paved with gold so everyone was gay"

  • CT-5555
    CT-5555 11 meses atrás

    Yes, they were all GAY

  • Al_xz
    Al_xz 11 meses atrás

    america: we all feel gay when johnny comes marching home

  • BoraCM
    BoraCM 1 ano atrás

    Gay back then meant happy.

  • CaptainX
    CaptainX 11 meses atrás

    Is nobody pointing out how in the last verse Paddy got cheated on?

  • Loup5264
    Loup5264 11 meses atrás

    Its midnight and I'm spending my time watching socialist East German music and its a long way to Tipperary.

  • Meme Master27
    Meme Master27 3 meses atrás

    “And everyone was gay”

  • William Clarke
    William Clarke 11 meses atrás (editado)

    When you get spelling wrong remember comrades its not you tis the pen

  • KV2PizzaDelivery
    KV2PizzaDelivery 5 meses atrás

    When you get rented in Monopoly but you're out of money

  • Eryk Leszczyński
    Eryk Leszczyński 3 meses atrás

    G - Gas

    [DATA EXPUNGED] 5 meses atrás

    When the German kid spills your tea:

  • thesixknights
    thesixknights 1 ano atrás

    Why is everyone going crazy about the gay

  • Shuhrat Kessikbayev
    Shuhrat Kessikbayev 7 meses atrás

    British teachers: Alright lads, we're on our way to Germany

  • Definitely Not The FBI
    Definitely Not The FBI 11 meses atrás (editado)

    Such a jolly song to sing while you’re crouching in a rat-infested, flooded, muddy trench as Germans barge at you with bayonets while machine guns are rattling away and artillery shells piercing the ground all around and men standing up suddenly falling with a hole in their face.

  • Nine Tailed Fox
    Nine Tailed Fox 4 meses atrás

    It's a long sail to Falklands

  • Hans
    Hans 1 ano atrás

    Proof ze allies were gey

  • Kale
    Kale 11 meses atrás

    It’s a long way to Mukumbura.

  • General Shepherd
    General Shepherd 8 meses atrás

    "Everyone was gay"

  • Helmut Grunther
    Helmut Grunther 11 meses atrás

    IRA.exe has stopped working.