Christmas Truce of World War I -- Joyeux Noel [2005 film] Download

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  • 25 de dez. de 2012

  • On this day nearly a century ago, while nations warred, the Prince of Peace brought an end to the conflicts and murdering of man.


  • Kimi
    Kimi 4 anos atrás

    its really hard to kill your enemy once you've shared champagne with them right?

  • John Ertel
    John Ertel 2 meses atrás

    It was a truce between men and not governments, probably why it worked.

  • Joshua Ordaz
    Joshua Ordaz 1 mês atrás

    "No one will criticize us for laying down our rifles for Christmas Eve"

  • Kyle Dumangas
    Kyle Dumangas 3 meses atrás (editado)

    France: It’s Nestor

  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson 1 semana atrás

    Interestingly, or at least to me, when the Scottish and German men start singing together after getting out of the trench, they are singing the tune to "O Come all ye Faithful". However, unlike the previous number, "Silent Night", the German man is singing in Latin, instead of German. This is because Latin was still considered a universal language, and central to Christianity. When he starts singing in Latin, he is symbolically putting all of their enmity aside.

  • Wyatt Westerfield
    Wyatt Westerfield 10 meses atrás

    It has been 105 years now. 105.

  • Brian Fewer
    Brian Fewer 5 meses atrás

    The look on the German actor's face when he realized his enemy was playing for him... that got me.

  • Barbi Bimbo
    Barbi Bimbo 1 dia atrás (editado)

    About the Cat:

  • Barbi Bimbo
    Barbi Bimbo 1 mês atrás (editado)

    There are so MANY nods to cultural similarities here. Does anyone notice the event at

  • WhosShenanigans
    WhosShenanigans 2 semanas atrás

    This is such a great scene because this is, humanity. Nobody wants to be there, they don't want this. In a war. Everyone just wants to go home.

  • Moishcan
    Moishcan 3 anos atrás

    Puts up a Christmas tree

  • 0Zolrender0
    0Zolrender0 1 mês atrás

    Cats are worse than politicians at playing both sides.

  • Vicente Ferrer
    Vicente Ferrer 2 dias atrás

    This de-christianized century will not be able to understand why the truce happened.

  • Harrison Karn
    Harrison Karn 1 mês atrás

    Imagine if they just all decided “yea screw this war”, packed up their bags and all went home in a truce.

  • Dani
    Dani 1 mês atrás

    "His name is felix"

  • Aravind K S
    Aravind K S 1 mês atrás

    Girls bathroom: I hate her so much, she's no longer my bff!

  • DarkParagon
    DarkParagon 1 mês atrás

    To those who don't like bagpipes: I'm Scottish, they resonate in my soul. I don't expect you to understand but that's how it is.

  • Rich6Brew
    Rich6Brew 2 semanas atrás

    This is how people are when you remove government politics.

  • Mal 2906
    Mal 2906 2 semanas atrás

    Fun fact: after this they had to get rid of the men in the trenches because they didn't want to fight each other.

  • AJR 1986
    AJR 1986 1 mês atrás

    When the German singer picked up the tree and started crossing no-man's-land with the Scottish bag pipes playing, I got chills and started to cry. Such a well-done scene.