15 Unexpected Things You Will Only See In Brazil Download

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  • 10 de ago. de 2020

  • Home to the largest rainforest in the world, the biggest waterfall in the world and a population of 212 million people, Brazil doesn’t do things in small doses! Yep, this awesome South American country is larger than life, which is why millions of tourists flock to Brazil every year to soak up the culture and see the incredible sights. If you want a vacation like noother, brush up on your Portugese and book yourself a ticket to the biggest country in South America! From beautiful floating islands to the world’s most famous and fabulous carnival, these are the 15 Unexpected Things You Will Only See In Brazil For Copyright Issues, Please Feel Free to E-mail me: TSindustries32@hotmail.com


  • Spartan 931
    Spartan 931 2 semanas atrás

    Brazil is an amazing place. I can confirm that porque eu sou daqui. Claro que existem problemas, mesmo assim existem vários lugares incríveis de se visitar.

  • Kaio de Paula Santos
    Kaio de Paula Santos 1 semana atrás

    I’m Brazilian and I already saw a snake on the street haha 🤩

    DU_NUT_TUCH_ME 2 semanas atrás

    0: You're going to Brazil

  • Jollibee
    Jollibee 2 semanas atrás (editado)

    Me: sees huge snake in thumbnail.|My mom:WE are still going to brazil

  • Jonilton Jonas
    Jonilton Jonas 2 dias atrás

    Lol this is so wrong. Anacondas only live in the Amazon, and the population there is very small. I've actually seen more snakes in the wild in the US than in Brasil

  • Lucas
    Lucas 2 meses atrás

    I am Brazilian and I have never seen a snake outside the zoo. This may be a reality in some regions, but Brazil is not a giant forest. We have other biomes as affected or more than the Amazon rainforest. Look for fires in the Pantanal

  • Erica Coutinho
    Erica Coutinho 3 semanas atrás


    ULIMOO 1 mês atrás

    Absolutely remarkable! Hard pass on the snakes, though.

  • Bernardo Spinelli
    Bernardo Spinelli 1 mês atrás

    anacondas on the streets are no routine occurrence, they are indeed freak occurrences that happen from time to time in very specific places and which never happen or will happen in any part of Brazil where 99% of the population live

  • laniyah brumfield
    laniyah brumfield 2 semanas atrás

    This video matches the sentence "YOUR GOING TO BRAZIL"

  • keemical
    keemical 1 mês atrás

    Number 15: Your friends on discord.

  • Grammy Bear
    Grammy Bear 2 meses atrás

    🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼

  • Stephanie Stephens
    Stephanie Stephens 2 meses atrás

    This whole video is "ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!" Love your videos!!

  • Nevada Hunt
    Nevada Hunt 2 meses atrás (editado)

    You should make a "15 thing 'expected' you will see in..." lol

  • Calvin Hobbes
    Calvin Hobbes 1 mês atrás

    What an amazingly beautiful country! Thanks for posting a great vid!! :)

  • Seri McGee
    Seri McGee 2 meses atrás

    Boss Hog's big horns on his Cadillac holds no candle to these water buffalo horns on live animals. So cool

  • STK Sonic
    STK Sonic 2 semanas atrás

    We're done asking you to come to brazil

    DONALD RICE 1 mês atrás

    Yes i took my 2019 vacation in brasil and it was so amazing ,the water fall was breath taking and the people was so friendly they welcome me to return and that i will do.

  • Aqua2020
    Aqua2020 1 mês atrás

    Love how they catch fish....

  • Jenny McMillin
    Jenny McMillin 1 mês atrás

    Forest-planting couple: flipping phenomenal. Wow. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻