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  • 15 de set. de 2020

  • eFootball PES 2021 SEASON UPDATE is available from today on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam). Get you Official Partner Club Editions here: FC Barcelona: https://konami.jp/32wx8a6 Juventus FC: https://konami.jp/3hxNsvF FC Bayern: https://konami.jp/32waYVG Manchester United: https://konami.jp/35zs2fe Arsenal FC: https://konami.jp/3kgg7Hi Delivering all the critically acclaimed features and gameplay from eFootball PES 2020 that was awarded “Best Sports Game” at E3 2019, plus more. Along with the latest player and club data for the new season, the game also includes the exclusive UEFA EURO 2020™ mode and content in advance of the rescheduled real-life tournament. For all the latest news from the eFootball PES franchise and for further information, please follow: https://www.konami.com/wepes/2021/eu/... https://www.twitter.com/officialpes https://www.facebook.com/PES https://www.instagram.com/officialpes Music Credit: "Everything Happens for a Reason" Original composition made by Trafalgar studio. https://www.trafalgar13.com/


  • Amiru Konara
    Amiru Konara 1 semana atrás

    Imagine the pressure Konami felt when messi said he wants to leave barca

  • Marlon Rodrigo Paredes
    Marlon Rodrigo Paredes 1 semana atrás

    This is by far the BEST trailer of all pes trailers over the years!!!! Hands down 💯 can’t wait for the next gen in PES 2022!

  • Casual Cheetah
    Casual Cheetah 1 semana atrás

    “ It’s not about being the best. It’s about being better every year. “ Is that PES taking shots at EA cause FIFA is said to be the best but is the same game every year whereas PES continues to improve ?

  • Alex Toma
    Alex Toma 20 horas atrás

    Pes: showing gameplay trailer

  • Ceniza Fam
    Ceniza Fam 1 semana atrás


  • Ahmed Abubakr
    Ahmed Abubakr 1 semana atrás

    Best pes trailer ever.

  • Arifin Rohan
    Arifin Rohan 1 semana atrás

    "It's not about being the best

  • Estêvão Dias
    Estêvão Dias 1 semana atrás

    The Castolo Part in

  • Áron Dávid Világi
    Áron Dávid Világi 1 semana atrás

    Let's show this trailer to EA sports, because they have to see how to make a trailer.

  • Z. Jonnathan Rodríguez
    Z. Jonnathan Rodríguez 1 semana atrás

    I play FIFA, but I must admit that this trailer is outstanding

  • Akmilly Da Vincy
    Akmilly Da Vincy 1 semana atrás

    "It's not about being the best...It's about getting better every year"

  • Jd Cameron
    Jd Cameron 1 semana atrás

    Bruh imagine if messi did move to city, imagine how different this trailer would be

  • Sammie Sensei
    Sammie Sensei 1 semana atrás

    lol this trailer will make me ditch FIFA ... Will give PES a try this time.

  • Amal Sumesh
    Amal Sumesh 6 dias atrás


  • Marlon Rodrigo Paredes
    Marlon Rodrigo Paredes 1 semana atrás

    This brings me so much nostalgia, I’ve been playing PES since it was called “winning eleven” T.T

  • YH10fficial
    YH10fficial 1 semana atrás

    This is the best trailer ever for a football game

  • Pablo J. Piccoli
    Pablo J. Piccoli 1 semana atrás

    Castolo in tshirt How easter. Old master league, great times! Where we have real chalenges. Not start the game with cristiano e Leo. Ivarov, valeny, youga, ximelez, espimas, stremer, libermann, burchet, castolo...

  • Franco Morales
    Franco Morales 1 semana atrás

    someone else felt weird when said "His career was coming to an end"?😢

  • Joseph Leung
    Joseph Leung 1 semana atrás

    I have to say PES is really showing continuous improvements over the years, not just the trailers but also the gameplay.

  • julestar
    julestar 1 semana atrás

    This trailer is a cinematic masterpiece